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Monday, July 19, 2010


So... its been years. If you wanted to follow me down another rabbit hole... I'm digging again. Find me at Training The Bitch. See ya there... or not.

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Sunday, May 27, 2007


This blog has been flagged. i'm moving before these twats delete me. Catch me over here on my own domain, where i WILL NOT have to move again. Screaming Secrets.

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Monday, April 30, 2007

Little Girl Part Two 

Downstairs i related the results of the inspection to Benny. He sighed and stood up, taking his belt off. We were trudging across the room to the back basement room when the screaming started down the basement steps. i wondered at both her lung capacity and her ability to keep at what was so obviously a hopeless cause.
Benny paused. He asked me how old the kid was. i said i guessed about ten. He shook his head, hunched his shoulders and drug me a few steps towards the back basement room before i could catch up and start walking at his faster pace.
Usually Benny was fairly gentle with me. Not that day. That day he left criss crossing bruises and welts and drew cries of genuine pain from me. i think he was trying to drown out the sounds of the little girl in the next room. He failed though. Her noises dwarfed mine and made them the pitiful mewlings of a kitten.


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Friday, April 27, 2007

Little Girl Part One 

i was in Edward's office being inspected when we heard the commotion. A little girl was screaming for her Mama. John stepped back with his measuring tape and cocked his head at Edward. Edward took his feet off his desk and nodded to John.
"Well, Raven, it looks like we are going to be interrupted. We both know what the result of this evaluation is going to be anyway. You've still got those monstrous tits and that ass! I know you are trying. You are loosing weight. So I won't be too harsh with you. I'll let Benny deal with your failure. As for your skills," he paused and shut his eyes as the screaming reached an ear splitting pitch. Then he gave his head a small shake as though shaking off a fly and continued. "you always test well. I'd be willing to just pass you except that I enjoy using you much too much for that. Tell Benny I said fifty strokes and then to come up here. When I'm ready for you he'll come and get you."
i thanked him both for his time and his leniency and opened his heavy office door. The noise was much louder on this side of the door. i walked down the hall towards the basement stairs and in the kitchen i saw the little girl being held by a short man in a stained and dirty clothes. His hair was greasy and he looked like he hadn't bathed in a long time.
The little girl was small and blonde. Her hair was matted on one side. That side of her face was dirty. Her clothes were disheveled and looked to be put on wrong. Tears streamed down her cheeks and she called for her mother over and over again.
John saw me staring and snapped, "Get your fat ass down those stairs before I double whatever Edward gave you."
i went.


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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Willfully Disobedient 

i knew i'd be in terrible trouble but the need was too great. i listened to Kayla's screams and hid behind the rec room sofa and lacerated my legs. Every scream was another jagged cut. my hands shook with fear. John said the next time he'd take all my skin off. That was okay though. That would just be more cuts in a way.
i curled up in a ball and awaited discovery. i knew the rage would be awful to behold. The cutting was the one thing i was willfully disobedient about. i had been for as long as i could remember. Maybe they would just kill me this time.


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Monday, April 23, 2007

Out with New, In with the Old 

So i never post here anymore. Why? Because i hate the new format. i hate trying to tell a single story. i can't do it. So i'm going back to what's more comfortable to me. Telling what's on my mind. This is what's on my mind today:

i could barely breathe the pain in my back was so bad. A punch to the kidneys was debilitating. i hated this client. He never would get around to fucking until he had beaten me to a pulp. Edward's rules on beating his girls were simple: don't damage the merchandise. That left a lot of room for a lot of pain.
i lay flat on my stomach trying to breathe through the agony when the kicks started. i could only whimper and hang on. He'd get tired soon doing something so strenuous. i held on. i endured. And, finally he was ready to fuck. And, for once that pain was minor compared to my other hurts. No matter how brutal he tried to be (he was worn out from his assault) it was all i could do to react.

There were clients who made sex seem easy.


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Thursday, March 29, 2007

John's Grin 

John howled with laughter. "You fucked up now, kid. You're in trouble. You didn't come home with the money. Should I string you up like Kayla?"
i stared at Benny with distrustful eyes. i didn't understand. i had asked the same way the other girls had. Why was he doing this to me? Would John really hit me with that car antenna now?
Benny turned to Kayla and said, "Kayla, what did Raven do wrong?"
Kayla sighed and gave me an apology with her eyes. "Everything."
i winced. Tears were stinging my eyes and i had to blink to keep them from falling.
"Because you don't really ask for the money like that."
"Show her the right way."
But, John stopped her. "Oh, no, pretty boy. This may be your little pet. You may have gotten that. But, she still failed. I think she's got something coming to her."
"Oh she does. But, who knows how many times she'll fuck up before she gets it right. I'll just save it all up do her one good turn in the back room. You can watch."
John grinned.
It was a grin i would come to know only too well. Every time i saw it, it would make me sick.

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